Ali Ceyhun Kartalsuna

Breathe With Me

Ali Ceyhun Kartalsuna, founder of The Tribal Galaxy, is a Miami-based percussionist, producer and dancer who has created his own unique style of artistry incorporating techniques and rhythms from the traditions of Turkey, Africa, Cuba, Egypt and India.

Ali moved to the United States from Istanbul, Turkey to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music under a fully endowed scholarship where he double majored in Electronic Production and Design and Performance. After spending time producing live shows and working at some of the top music destinations in Miami, Ali made his way to Miami to plant new roots.



Tribal Galaxy is a community of musicians that Ali has curated over time, that preforms throughout Miami, as well as his sanctuary studio where he organizes special community gatherings, and ‘drum and breath’ rhythm classes. The Tribal Galaxy is engineered to raise the frequencies in a multicultural, artistic and soul awakening community laboratory.

Kartalsuna has studied with notable teachers including Eguie Castrillo, Misirli Ahmet, Mike Ringquist, Mehmet Akatay and has performed across the world at venues such as The Lincoln Center, Philippines Endowment for the Arts and at Haiti Fashion week.
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