Amanda Joy Gilbert

Breathe With Me

The art of henna was introduced to Amanda Joy Gilbert while resettling refugees back in 2010. She encountered women from multiple religions, cultures and demographic backgrounds who all used henna with the same purpose of bringing beauty on the skin. 


As an artist herself, world traveler and expert in cultural communications she fell in love with the true meaning of what henna represents; “the inner light.” She began using henna as a tool for meditation and self healing as she dealt with her own struggles with anxiety. Through the years her passion and joy for henna grew. In 2015, a number of divine experiences pushed Amanda into creating Happy Henna into her full time business. Her goal was to bring happiness and healing through the art of henna. Henna became more than just a novelty art, it was a ministry to bless others.

Happy Henna’s mission is to bring intentional awareness to the power of positive thinking and speaking life over the body. Bring this healing art back to its roots of being a blessing, a form of protection and a guide to revealing our inner codes of light out onto the skin. Manifesting what we are calling in, releasing what no longer serves us and remembering the beauty that everything in life is temporary.

Happy Henna’s mission is to bring intentional awareness to the power of positiveIn 2017 Amanda Joy created Henna Crowns of Courage a nonprofit empowering women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and giving them a sacred ceremonial henna crown on the tops of their heads. This includes makeup, photography and video to share their stories with the world. You can now become a Happy Henna artist by taking her online courses and trainings as well as purchase the product from her.