Annika Rhea

Art With Me

Annika Rhea is an immersive action painter and movement artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

She is the creator of BODY MEDIUM, a painting technique is that utilizes the body in motion as a painting tool. Her work merges visual art, performance art and video art. Ms. Rhea is a process-oriented artist and is inspired by the relationship between motion, color, rhythm and emotion. Rhea’s work ranges from painting the embodiment of a concept or emotional state to painting her interpretation of musical score.

Rhea has over two decades of dance training, performance experience and cross-training in several movement disciplines such as ballet, modern, contemporary dance, martial arts, flow arts (fire), Duncan technique and Graham technique, receiving a BA in Dance from The George Washington University. Rhea began painting over a decade ago when an injury prevented her from dancing. She painted as a creative outlet and allowed the paint to dance for her, using the canvas as her stage.  


She spent over a decade developing her craft as movement-based abstract expressionist painter before solidly merging the two disciplines of dance and painting in 2016 to create BODY MEDIUM.

Annika Rhea has performed internationally and has collaborated with over 20 different musicians and videographers to create her work. She has shown and performed in galleries in NYC and the Hamptons and is currently working on launch a line of NFTs.

Rhea is currently the artist in residence and is exhibiting at The Box Factory, an arts media and entertainment building in Ridgewood NYC.
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