Anthony Middleton

Anthony’s new solo endeavour “Prototype” is a left-field, downtempo, sonic journey, written and designed to liberate and regenerate the listener at the level of ‘heart and soul’.

A unique “listening experience” Prototype infuses intangible magic back into electronica.

It is both new and ancient wisdom and the art of storytelling. It invites you to “Tune in and Drop Out” for a while and asks you to focus on the inner-experience ,always present inside.

It is music as performance art.

One half of Audiofly, Anthony Middleton has been a musician since an early age.

Classically trained, he composed his first song at the tender age of 8 and hasn’t stopped since then.

An avid attendee of acid house, early rave and techno events in the UK it soon became
more than a fascination in 1992 when he got his first synthesiser and shortly thereafter his
first Dj gigs in Marbella’s Iconic clubs of the time.

Having formalised his production skills in the mid 90’s in one of the UK’s first music technology schools, he then became deeply involved in the dance music scene in London
until he was forced to withdraw due to genetic illness.

Anthony spent several years in recovery, meditating, practicing Tibetan Bön and honing his music production skills under the mentorship of well known producer/musician Merv de Peyer. Ultimately decided that that was the end of his House music career…until he met Luca Saporito in 2002 and Audiofly was born.

Although most of the last 18 years has been dedicated to that project and it’s “love
children” (Flying Circus, Supernature & Maison D’etre), Anthony has released several solo projects and remixes under his own name, as well as creating the infamous SACBE party which became the musical and philosophical template for a genre born out of the Playa del Carmen / Tulum “Golden age” – Inspired by Off Grid Thinking “anything goes” musicality , charitable donation and multidisciplinary collaboration.