Dance With Me

Music has been a constant presence throughout the life of Colombian-born, Miami-based DJ, producer and recording artist, Atomyard, whose first experiences as a musician began in his pre-teen years, going through different rock and punk bands in his native Cartagena before moving to the US, embracing the electronic music sound and becoming a DJ in the late 2000’s.

Miami turned out to be very receptive to Atomyard’s style, an organic and upbeat breed of house, and he began playing in many of the city’s clubs, including the Electric Pickle, Club Space, and the Treehouse. He didn’t limit himself to performing, though, co-founding Speaker Box Productions, while also co-creating the Castaway and On-Deck boat parties, providing a different spin to electronic dance music events.

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A creative DJ who is not afraid to experiment with different styles and moods in the same set, Atomyard has many facets to his musical side, also producing house tunes as well as recording with his neo-punk, synthpop rock band. His tracks ‘House Did It’ and ‘Rational Detachment’ have been released by Backdoor Records and Hatching Creatures, respectively, covering a wide spectrum of sound that goes from house to deep-tech. He has plans to release music with his band as well, making him a very prolific artist who can encompass such a varied range of styles.

His work as a event curator in Miami has brought electronic music out of the clubs and onto islands and boats with the Castaway/Island Rehab and On-Deck events, both now a hugely popular part of the city´s dance music scene. Atomyard is also one-half of Speaker Box Productions, working alongside fellow DJ and producer Kike Roldan to bring the night-club concept to new levels, with unconventional venues and world-class DJs.


During the last months Atomyard has been developing two new projects, the first one is Dive Knows House, a party series focusing on house vinyl-only sounds featuring artists such as Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade and Patrice Scott, among others to come. The second is Shifting Tones, with a concept based on the variations of rhythms, intensities, and emotions creating singular musical experiences. Some of the guests included are Roy Davis Jr., Ron Trent, and Demarkus Lewis.

All this activity results in a busy schedule for Atomyard, who nevertheless pushes on with energy and creativity to keep creating new music, events and experiences for the electronic music community in Miami and beyond.