Ayudame a Vivir Foundation

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“Ayudame a Vivir Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization, established in Florida since 2008. Thanks to the voluntary help of many, Ayudame a Vivir Foundation Inc. has been able to raise funds and bring awareness to the Pediatric Cancer crisis in Guatemala.


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Why we do what we do…

Pediatric Cancer Can Be Treated:Children and teenagers around the world from 0 to 18 years of age can develop different types of pediatric cancer, like leukemia, retinoblastomas, central nervous system tumors and lymphomas, and a variety of solid tumors. The majority of them can be cured with the three pillars of the treatment: chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.


Children From Third World Countries Have Less Chance Of Survival:

In developed countries, more than 80% of children affected by cancer are cured, but in underdeveloped countries, where 90% of the world’s children live, the survival rate can be less than 8% in certain regions of the world, and around 35% in Central America.

We Are Making A Big Difference With Guatemalan Children:

Each year more than 700 children in Guatemala develop some type of cancer, Only 50% are cared of at the National Pediatric Oncology Unit – UNOP-, the only high specialized center in Pediatric Cancer in Guatemala. 7 out of 10 children with cancer can be healed if they receive a diagnosis and an adequate treatment on time. “