Camilo Nu

Camilo Nu is a Mexican multi-instrumental musician and producer. He has participated with many musicians from around the world who are masters of Andalusi, Sufi, Gnaoua, Flamenco, Jazz, electronica and more.

Multi-instrumentalist musician who has participated with musicians from different latitudes. He has had the opportunity to play with masters of Andalusi, Sufi, Gnaoua, Flamenco music, at festivals in Morocco, USA, South America and Europe. His passion for flamenco began when he discovered an album by Paco de Lucia in his home library. I capture that sound and keep it being a faithful fan of flamenco guitar. He does not define himself either as a jazz player or as a flamenco, but rather as an expressor. Flamenco de Corazón but with a multicultural flag, born in Mexico City, he spent some time at the Autonomous School of Music and in the youth symphony orchestra, where he developed as a cellist at the age of 14, alternating this activity with the guitar, faithful companion His fondness for playing bass has also taken him to stages around the world. He lived for a few years in Morocco where he played the oud and percussion. He is the producer and director of the documentary film ¨The third root¨ which follows him on a journey from North Africa to the coasts of Mexico in the company of more than 20 artists from different cultures including Cheb Khaled, Natacha Atlas, Gilbeto Gil, Diego guerrero and many others, the film has traveled to NY, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Guadalajara, to mention a few festivals, to shared the stage with very diverse musicians such as Jorge Pardo (best jazz player in Europe 2013), Abdesalam Alikane (Director of the Gnawa and world music festival of essaouira), Abderahim Amrani (leader of the Sufi Amadcha congregation of fes), the Krakow Poland Symphony Orchestra and Elliot Goldentall (film composer and Oscar winner) was a member of the Hoppo group with Ruben Albarrán ( singer of the multi-award winning group cafe tacuba). The frontiers of music for Camilo Nu are not limited to acoustic music, because he also produces in electronic music, defining his trend, with his own sounds in a mix of deep tech and advanced electronics with his own label with ethnic sounds.