charles blackcat smith / sparceland llc

Art With Me

“I Love to dream, I make amazing art experiences that bring people together and speak to the participants on a ritualistic, communal, and individual level. so driven to see this take place time and time again instigating, creating, and sharing in the magical space in time, the participants literally create the vibration around the sculptural expressions. “I love people and love to see them share extreme art spaces that open the mind and push the human experience through art to new levels. ” Charlie Blackcat Smith” 


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My mission as an artist is to create intriguing, informational, exploratory, and awakening sculptural artifacts and experiences. The lifelong Investigation of my Scandinavian heritage, the exploration of my inner child, and deliberate mythical transformations of characters throughout history are inspirations for many of my Projects.

The artistic vision starts, from dreams with sketches adding casual notes, automatic writing, building ideas into images, then combined with a stream of conscious mind flow into a new reality-based story. Take these ideas add the research, reference, book, the Internet, interview, conversation, environmental surrounding, and then community all combine, then design to merge into fact, experience, a fantasy revealing a customized visionary art object. The aesthetic fabrication voyage is realized through the playful and deliberate use of volume, shape, line, and textures bringing forth the sculptural form.

This artistic technique is the gateway for my expressions, explorations of personal and shared dreams that hold in the now, and how we interpret the world through the creation of the art object! The occasional community-building workshops to create art is a process that pushes me and those who experience my techniques out of our normal comfort zone forming a close relationship, a community, and a stimulating life-changing art experience. The Sculptures are completely interactive, cutting edge, and not just to be displayed, they are to be experienced by everyone involved around them. The grand vision is that what is created will make a difference and change the way people view their perception of what art Is & what it can be in our world! Charlie “”Blackcat”” Smith”