Chris Carnabuci

Art With Me

Chris Carnabuci is a New York based sculptor, specializing in large-scale, CNC cut wood sculptures. His first public piece, “Fertility”, exhibited at the Met in New York City in 2014, and was later auctioned at Sotheby’s for charity. He is best known for his 22’ tall “Mariposita”, which earned an Honorarium art grant in 2019 from Burning Man (where it was first unveiled), and has since exhibited in several US states, as well as Toronto and Mexico City.



Carnabuci made international headlines with his “SeeInjustice” exhibit, unveiled at Union Square, NY in October, 2021 (later auctioned at Sotheby’s), amassing over 4.8 billion media impressions. Carnabuci’s latest piece, “Adelita”, incorporates the same process of stacked wood sculpting for which he is well recognized.

Carnabuci resides in Cold Spring, NY, with his wife/muse/inspiration Paula. Their two daughters – Gabriela and Sophia – live in Brooklyn, NY.

“Adelita”, a 14’ sculpture depicting a woman breaking free from the chains that bind her, is both a representation of the strength and determination of the feminine spirit, and a reminder that women across the globe are in a constant struggle for their rights. The name, Adelita, was a term used to describe a female soldier who fought against government forces during the Mexican Revolution. Today, Adelita is an archetype of a woman warrior, and a symbol of action, courage and inspiration.