Christian Olmtak

Care With Me, Play With Me

Christian Olmtak is on a mission to genuinely express himself through his dance moves. Christian was born in Miami on November 15th 1989. His parents decided to move back to Suriname 🇸🇷 (South America) where his Dad is originally from and his mom being from Colombia.

He started dancing at the age of 11. Christian was influenced by pop artists like Michael Jackson, Usher etc. as well as the street dance he encountered in Suriname. Christian soon outgrew the level of dance in Suriname and decided to go expand his talents in Miami back in 2008.

He than got heavily invested in the Dance scene in Miami Joining forces with a couple of like minded individuals forming the Crew Iphlow in 2009. Traveling all over the nation entering high level Competitions like Hip Hop International and many more as well as entering the Entertainment industry dancing with different artist like Pitbull , Dj Khaled, Rihanna, Young Thug and many more.

Christian’s foundation is breaking/ Bboying. He’s a very versatile dancer picking up different Choreography of Styles. After 20 years of dancing Christian still remains a student of the game and loves to share his experience with the goal of sharing a different perspective that might lead to a better quality of life and movements.

Thank you for your time And hope to meet you soon on the dance floor.

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