Christopher Pugliese

Christopher Pugliese is an American Artist. Born and raised in New York City he paints in the manner of his Italian ancestors and considers the process an exploration of his own genetic history. At home he is known as the “Downtown Da Vinci,” while in Mexico and Latin America he is referred to as “Cristobal el Pintor.”

In 2010, the paintings from his early career, 1995-2010, appeared in a retrospective at the New Britain Museum of American Art. This series of brooding images painted in the style of the Renaissance Masters tells the story of the artist’s life over a fifteen year period. The frustrations of a young man learning to paint, the sexual tensions that challenge our creativity when working with people we are attracted to, and the combination of excitement and fear we feel when confronting the blank canvas. The artist compares this time of his life to Picasso’s Blue Period, the dark chapters of a book one passes through on their quest for the sun.


After this retrospective, Christopher’s work began to change dramatically. He abandoned the studio and started traveling, creating installations at Burning Man, performances at the Venice Bienalle and interactive street art murals. This decade of creative exploration led the artist to a new project “ The Museum in the Streets.”