Conscious Feminine Medicine

Breathe With Me, Care With Me

Our Vision:
A world that is fully awakened to the Feminine.



Our Mission:

Awakening women to their inherent sacredness and sovereignty through healing, personal transformation and arising consciousness. By weaving together powerful ancient wisdom healing traditions, embodied practices, quantum integrative science along with the resurrection of the Feminine principle, these offerings provide tools for women to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We do this through online and in person workshops & retreats, that include Feminine Soul Healing™, Sound Healing, Voice Activation and NSEV acupuncture.

The Conscious Feminine Medicine organization provides both in-person and on-line holistic spiritual counseling services, spiritual rehabilitation services – namely, providing gatherings to develop and enhance the spiritual lives of WOMEN, and offers free information in the field of spirituality, self-help, and personal empowerment subject matters.

Funds raised for the Conscious Feminine Medicine organization supports women seeking holistic medicine who may otherwise be unable to afford it.