Courtney Spence

Play With Me

Courtney Spence, founder and mother of four digitally obsessed children, conceived of the idea after experimenting with a prolonged break from screens.

Press Pause is a company on a mission to encourage people to ‘Press Pause’ on their digital devices and reconnect with each other through analog game play.

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In the absence of their favorite devices and after a brief but painful adjustment period, she was astonished to find her kids had resourcefully crafted a world of their own physical games made mostly from cardboard boxes, paper and other scrap materials. They were reconnecting, creating, laughing, and bartering with each other in their own little makeshift economy.

It was a refreshing sight and one that she felt should be shared with others.

Realizing the importance and benefits of physical game play, not just for kids but for adults as well, Press Pause is collaborating with Martin Russocki of Jabuka Games to get the word out. Jabuka is an award winning word game that encourages creativity, language and problem solving skills. Because of it’s lightweight portability, easy setup and cleanup, it’s an amazing game to get started with for those of us who haven’t played one in a long time. You can purchase a game and share your own story of ‘Pressing Pause’ at and find us at Play With Me (And yes we have a website! We love technology, just not all of the time 🙂

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