Daniela Sage

Breathe With Me

Daniela Sage is a colorful creator of face and body painting, as well as a spiritual mentor, artist and event producer with a background in psychology, holistic wellness, shamanism, mysticism, energy work & sound healing.

In the last decade, since her awakening in 2009, Daniela has dedicated her life’s work towards exploring and embodying higher levels of consciousness, greater self-awareness, and to be in sacred union with the Creator and all life.

She runs Light Codes Wellness, LLC and lovingly guides her clients towards greater self-discovery, empowerment, conscious Creatorhood, and inner peace. She serves one-on-one clients and groups, virtually and in person.


Daniela’s highest intention with all her events, retreats and curated healing experiences is to bring many activated and awakened souls together to collectively raise the vibration on the planet, and to open a portal of love and healing for all. Her sacred offerings are both deeply activating and restorative. She incorporates multi-sensory practices, which gently guide participants inward to the core of their inner being to relax, upgrade and rejuvenate.

Planetary ascension into the new Golden Age is ultimately why we must continue to come together, despite all odds, and celebrate the New Earth we are co-creating as one unified Family of Light ~

A first-generational immigrant, Daniela is originally from Colombia, she speaks fluent English and Spanish, and currently resides in Miami, Florida.

She blends her creative talents with science and ancient wisdom by using a modern and intuitive approach, which allows her to merge several healing modalities into all of her sacred offerings.

Daniela serves to support others in their soul journey with integrity, love, and honor.