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David Blanch

Fifteen years ago, I embarked on a profound journey to discover my purpose in life. Through self-exploration, I soon realized that my calling was twofold: to be the best artist and father I could possibly be. From my earliest memories as a child, creating art has been my enduring passion, and never did I fathom that it would eventually intertwine with my livelihood. It was during those formative years, at the age of 15, that I began signing my art with the name “Blest,” a moniker that has since become my artistic identity.

Today, I am thrilled and deeply humbled to share that my art has touched the lives of many, bringing joy and beauty to the world. Approximately 2,000 pieces of my artwork have found homes across the United States, with each state graced by at least one of my creations. My artistic journey has been one of exploration and growth, as I shun limiting myself to a singular style and constantly seek to challenge my abilities through experimentation with diverse techniques. Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the unwavering support I have received from countless individuals throughout the years. To each person who has believed in my talent and vision, I offer my sincerest thanks.

As I move forward, I wholeheartedly embrace the mission of making our world a more colorful and vibrant place through my art. It is a privilege to share this creative journey with you all, and I am determined to continue using my God-given talent to spread joy and beauty to every corner of the world.