Art With Me

Art With Me Founder & Creative.

Artist, creative visionary, and hospitality pioneer. David Graziano has founded and designed some of the most known nightlife venues and restaurants in New York such as Pink Elephant, Bagatelle, Gansevoort 69, Kiss & Fly, and RDV. David, an early adapter to new locations, chose Tulum in 2010 to design, build and operate Ahau Tulum hotel. Since then, David has played a key part in the development of Tulum.

Over a 7 year period Ahau Tulum grew into the Ahau Collection, which includes: Alaya Tulum, Casa Alaya, Villa Pescadores , Kai Hotel & Beach Club, Aldea Canzul. In 2017 David’s appreciation for the art was his inspiration for his next project. Art With Me, Tulum’s first large scale arts & cultural festival attracting artists and guests from all parts of the world. Art With Me instantly became a world class event, which is currently expanding into other countries.

Due to the positive impact created by Art With Me, one the platform’s core pillars “Care With Me”, grew into a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, founded in the United States. The Care With Me Foundation’s purpose is to bring awareness and positive change through cultivating inspirational art and educational experiences for local communities and the environment.