Davida Syne

Breathe With Me

Davida Syne has been using movement as a personal form of healing for many years. The dancefloor has always been a place she went to leave her worries at the door and release.

After discovering ecstatic dance, Davida was inspired to create her own containers where she held space for people to come to shake, release and feel fully self-expressed. She began leading dance and movement workshops as a way to help people feel fully self-expressed and to connect in community. Davida now offers a varitey of arts-based workshops in dance, movement, imrov and music. Her events happen live regularly in the Miami area, and at retreats and festivals. One of her signature workshops is the Weirdo Workshop, which is all about authenticity in self-expression and being true to who you are, embracing your uniqueness and connecting in movement, silliness and laughter. Davida is also certified as a dance movement facilitator and offers guided silent disco experiences with The Wave Silent Disco.

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