DJ Seinfeld

Armand Jakobsson is the Swedish artist known as DJ Seinfeld. Under this alias you will find exciting tracks, primal dance floor exercises and demanding moments of jungle and breaks. His beats are guided by an idea of authenticity, faithful to the spirit of the early pioneers of house and the unabashed rawness emitted by their equipment at the limit. Much has been made from this lo-fi fuzz, with many clamoring to declare it a scene, though they won’t box it up. His path is his alone.

Armand started making music in Edinburgh at the suggestion of a close friend. The time he spent experimenting with sounds and exploring the possibilities contained in his laptop was a cathartic relief from the grind of finishing school. Later, when he returned to his hometown of Malmo, his interest in making music would be heightened by encouragement from his old school friends and the looming specter of a 9-5 lifestyle. A move to Barcelona and the end of a relationship turned into long sessions watching the classic American series, giving rise to music that was born to reflect that moment in his life, under the name of DJ Seinfeld.

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