Djivan Schapira / ABDB Designs

Art With Me

Djivan Schapira’s style cannot be defined.

The 27-year old French-born designer combines skills learned from generations of woodcrafting, with the imagination needed to create the retro-future objects we see today.

Schapira first picked up a tool at three years old, and spent the first years of his life in France before landing in Hoboken, New Jersey at the age of six. His father Antoine Schapira, is a master woodworker and fabricator of Collectible Design.

Antoine was the first person to experiment with end grain and resin in 1987, and after a 14-year apprenticeship, Djivan would rediscover this experimentation and begin evolving it into a technique of his own.



Djivan would later decide to study Architecture at Parsons School of Design to better understand spacing and linework, and apply those types of ideas to his furniture design. A short while after graduating in 2017, Djivan took the leap of entrepreneurship, bringing his life into his own hands and founding ABDB Designs. 

ABDB, for Au Bout Du Bois, launched as a company with the debut collection featuring his newly patented technique of stylistically embedding natural materials in custom colored resin.


Djivan has most recently developed his first solo collection as under his own name, titled Les Fleurs, featuring cross-cuts of recycled pinecones resembling flowers embedded in resin. Les Fleurs captures a moment in time, a moment in nature, to showcase how delicate beauty can hidden in in the structure of Mother Earth’s gifts, and can be applied to contemporary design.

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