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Dmytro Bershadskyy

In popular terms, Cafe Bosna is an immersive experience, but it is certainly more than that. We see it as an alchemical journey that involves all senses, deals with all elements, and reflects on all planes. It is a multidisciplinary art project. The two main aspects are music and coffee. The experience transports its participants into the magical world of mindful coffee ceremony, turned global Gypsy dance party with live instrumentation.

Bosnian coffee is prepared Bedouin way in hot sand and served with lokum by the coffee master, who’s also the dj, mixing deep and sultry house and bass, accompanied by live musicians joining the groove and taking it to the next level with various exotic instruments and vocals. Meanwhile, various percussion is distributed to the audience, encouraging even more participation.

While we have a few resident musicians to lead the way, we like to involve a professional local talent as well. Just as important is the space itself. Through the use of antique decorations, coffee- and music-related artifacts, lighting, video projections, and immersive art installations, Cafe Bosna creates an enchanting “old world” atmosphere filled with magic and mystery. Interactive mirror installations, Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs’ Dreamachine, shadow puppetry, and coffee ground fortune readers have had their home in Cafe Bosna, adding many layers to this immersive experience.

Once projected into it, the participants have all their senses stimulated. A dancing and jamming party as well as a mystical recharging lounge, Cafe Bosna provides an alternative fluid space much needed at any festival, gathering or party – open around the clock, where everyone can enjoy a coffee ceremony and experience the spontaneous combustion of its participants’ raw energies creating a Temporary Autonomous Zone – cultivating human connection and encouraging conversation and play, while bringing it back to the roots.

Cafe Bosna has been a part of many prominent art festivals, as well as private and underground events and gatherings. We are able to accommodate any space size provided and scale the experience accordingly.