For more than eighteen years, Damián Romero’s career has always been at the forefront of experimentation. Also known as Dramian, his sets are in constant flux and he explores a series of infinite possibilities without ascribing to a particular genre: he enjoys mixing an eclectic exploration that begins with psychedelic states and from there to disco, techno afro beats. to IDM.

Romero, the creative force behind the prestigious MUTEK Mexico festival, has performed in various countries: from intimate shows in his native Mexico to places like the United States, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and even further afield like Turkey, Russia, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and China. For him, it is essential to establish an intimate connection with his audience through the sounds that concern him and also to explore interesting narratives as well as to venture into new soundscapes through improvisation. An important part of his work as a curator and organizer has been the Mayan Warrior project for Burning Man. Romero has exhibited his innate ability to select talents from around the world and, together with a large community of talented international collaborators, frequents this event by opening step with your new ideas. His creative genius and a thirst for infinite renewal are the most important parts of his creative endeavor; his ambition is to keep walking with those high levels of sensitivity and absorb everything around him from any angle. Romero’s sets are the standard to break the mold and destroy the paradigms that one has.