How does one go about inspiring others? We first need to inspire ourselves. I like to think that whatever message I share with others is nothing more than a message that I myself need to hear. My feeling is if this message is helping and inspiring me, perhaps there are others going through the same insecurities and asking the same questions as I am. It also helps me to remember to let go of the outcome. Whether people actually listen and learn from it should not have any impact on what I say or do. As long as I know that what I say comes from the heart and that it helps me grow then I can be happy. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.” Eli Scheier

An established teacher of yoga and meditation as well as a , Eli is focused on his deep connection to Gaia, mother earth, and a guided journey of the mind, body and universe connection in a way that is approachable for students of all levels.


Eli Scheier scaled

 At the foundation of Eli’s practice is his teaching of self-love, providing his students with tools to help them establish better and stronger relationships with themselves, with others and with the environment. He also helps his students create meaningful connections to the universal energies of thoughts, certainty and healings that surround us.

With a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology of the Spiritual Mind Body from Columbia University, and having studied the practice of Yoga, Meditation and stillness in India at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Trimbak ; Anand Prakash Ashram, Rishikesh; Tushita Meditation Center, Dharamsala, Eli offers an abundance of knowledge from many teachers and cultures. His practice is about creating a deeper understanding and connection between our Mind, Body and the universe existing around us in the present moment.


Eli’s diverse background often opens up relatable conversation with his students and helps them grow. Originally from New York – at the start of his career, Eli held a position on Wall Street. Despite his success and involvement in many aspects of community and charitable programs, Eli felt a strong connection to the notion that he needed to fulfill a deeper purpose.

Overtime, he was inspired to seek an awakened path of purpose, meaning and fulfillment. He followed his calling to Bali and India, where he learned about the power of truth, stillness and non-attachment through Yoga and Meditation. Upon returning to his home state of New York, Eli was introduced to organic farming where his practice of meditation and stewardship flourished. He then completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology Spirituality Mind Body at Columbia University.

From there his journey brought him to Tulum, where he has spent the last 6 years as the Director of Wellness at the Ahau Collection. Through his role with Ahau, he has created and implemented a diversified program of wellness to nourish Mind, Body and Spirit. He is also the founder of I AM LOVE Retreats – a week long retreat program centered around the guided teachings of self-love.