Enrique Rosas


This performance seeks to create a captivating experience in which the public witness the process of the active creation of an art work.
A contemplative but energetic action that engages the senses of the viewer with sound, movement and painting. Artist Enrique Rosas through a meditative trance state and with a sort of martial dance like, paints a large canvas on the floor. He responds to the rhythm of sounds, breath, and body motion to maneuver an enlarged size brush to skillful spread the ink on the canvas. Rosas’ painting tool is central to his performance, derived from a giant Chinese calligraphy brush, turns into a magic wand or ceremonial blade.

Enrique Rosas2

The public is invited to stand or sit comfortably on the floor around the canvas which is laid as the performance surface
The duration of the performance will depend on the size of the painting which is suggested to be of a minimum of 11 minutes for each segment. The full completion of the canvas requires a maximum of 3 perfomative segments:

1. Invocation 2. Preparation 3. Execution