Formed spontaneously at Burning Man in the Black Rock desert in 2014, William Sabatini and Berge Sahakian, also known as Sabo & Goldcap, joined forces to play back to back for the first time under the desert stars to find that neither of them had experienced such a musical chemistry playing with another artist until that moment. 

Both having well established solo careers, they don’t perform together as often as other duos. Which makes each performance very special, and one to treasure. Sabo, recognized best for his decades long career as a DJ and head of the hit record label titled Sol Selectas. And Goldcap, known best for his eclectic taste as a DJ and his weekly podcast series called The Goldcast, have both honed in on a musical synthesis between their two
unique styles. Each one of these artists provides a refined and masterful performance on their own. But together, they weave through fully improvised, eclectic collections of music, which leave their audiences stunned and eager for the next event.

They are best known for their legendary sunrise sets at the Kazbah camp at Burning Man each year, as well as a few other worldwide gathering which they both feel deeply connected to. In September 2020, they released a 4 hour video documented performance on Youtube called
“Desert Sunrise 2020” which has collectively accumulated over 30 million plays across several videos and platforms. Along with millions of streams more for their own original music, Sabo & Goldcap have become household names in the underground realm of electronic music. As they move forward with plans to release EP’s and full length albums under their duo project, you can expect to see Sabo & Goldcap headlining more events globally, and perfecting their craft even further in years to come.