Everardo Rangel Villalobos

He was born in the city of Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, in June 1967. He studied Plastic Arts at the School of Arts in the same city. I carry out a specialization in drawing the human figure at the Technological Institute of higher studies. He has participated with his work in galleries in León, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Havana, Cuba, and especially in the Altos de Jalisco region. In 1997 one of his works was chosen to present it in the official poster of the festivities of this city; That same year, another of his watercolors was also chosen to present it in the poster that was made to commemorate the 200 years of the existence of our Asunción parish. He has participated countless times in cultural magazines as well as in brochures, tourist calendars, etc. Also his are some of the sculptures for awards to distinguished Laguenses such as the “Premio mi ciudad”, making a special edition of it to commemorate the 450th anniversary of this city in 2013, in this same year he made the mural “450 Lagos de Moreno Anniversary ”which was inaugurated by the Governor of the State Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Iñiguez and by the Municipal President Hugo René Ruiz Esparza Hermosillo Which is located in the municipal library.