Exxe Balut

Exxe Balut is an artist who began with art at a very young age. At the age of 12 he start as a self-taught man in the realization and sale of works. His strength is drawing and painting. His most particular style is abstract expressionism, which in its beginnings was represented by faces composed of thick black lines and a lot of use of colors and reliefs, achieved in a process of layers of paint. This technique and experience was synthesized and refined until only the lines remained, teaching that the strength of the work comes from there. For him the line is something that contains all the information both his own and those of his ancestors, Exequiel maintains that art is the evidence of man on earth in time and that this information is traveling as an inheritance by people.

The artist never had studies on art beyond what he could learn and see from his own experience. But he does hold exhibitions in important centers in his hometown of Salta, located in the north of Argentina. The house of culture (cultural center of Salta), José Hernández Museum (founder of the city) Galleries of the municipal palace, MAC (contemporary art museum) Design suite hotel Salta, Sheraton Salta gallery.

Today he lives in Tulum Mexico, where his work finds new concepts relating to the nature of the place. Exequiel takes his works abroad seeking to create a photographic beauty between his works and the environment that surrounds him. The sense is also to provoke the. feeling that the work can connect with the energies of the outside; the sea, the sun, the jungle, and thus give another perspective of his art.

His latest works talk about communication, humanism, spirituality and everything that represents us as human beings, and added to that the new communications and social media that somehow reflect us and show even more than we can see.

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