The Gamelatron’s’ mission is to create viscerally-powerful encounters with resonance through visually compelling works of art. It strives to create a harmony in the tension of fusing the East and the West, the modern and the ancient. The Gamelatron’s wide array of mediums, materials and fabrication processes tells a story of human innovation spanning a millennia. The Gamelatron Project re-contextualizes tradition and grants artistic license to creatively re-engineer its potential role in a changing society. Principal artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner uses exhibitions of the Gamelatrons to create sanctuaries both in public and private spaces. He views the body of the work as an offering to the observer.

For over a decade, conceptual artist, sculptor, and composer Aaron Taylor Kuffner immersed himself in the study of Indonesian Gamelan music. While living for several years in Java and Bali he learned to play the Gamelan, researched the process of making the instruments, cataloged various tuning modalities, and developed his own electronic notation system, all the while gleaning gamelan’s cultural and spiritual significance.