Giselle Fiumara

Breathe With Me

Giselle Fiumara aka Shanti Ram Dass Kaur, is a multi-faceted certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and mindful Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur.

Giselle’s vision is to bring together in conscious Community; entrepreneurs, risk takers, light workers, passionate generators and powerful manifestors; and guide them to discover and communicate their gifts to the world; combining her extensive Marketing & Communications expertise and Kundalini yoga teachings.

Giselle was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and moved to Miami 19 years ago. She has been living between Miami, Tulum and Costa Rica for the last 2 years. 2 years ago, she discovered that her deepest mission and life purpose is to be at service; sharing Kundalini teachings, creating containers to heal, holding space for deep connection and transformation.

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She is a certified International Kundalini Yoga teacher member of the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), who graduated as Kundalini Teacher Level 1 with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

As her spiritual name reads, Shanti Ram Dass Kaur, Giselle embodies her peaceful and universal self by devotionally serving God in all with the highest and more heartfelt consciousness.

Giselle created Kundalini4Healing, a movement that focuses in providing Kundalini classes, workshops, activations and circles; and Kundalini Rebirthing series: special sessions to go deep in the subconscious mind to clear trauma, past lives karma, emotions and unfelt feelings that are trapped in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Through deep emotional healing processes and shadow work, she holds space for students and practitioners to connect with their true dharma and life purpose, and shine their true power to the world.

Giselle also graduated in Advertising as well as Marketing, from prestigious Universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and received an Executive Program certification from Stanford University.

After several years leading top Marketing roles in Global Corporations for the Americas, she decided to transition from the unconscious corporate world to the conscious Marketing entrepreneurial world, and help entrepreneurs find their true power and communicate it to the world in an impactful and conscious way.