GONZALO GATTO MESA, was born in Laguna Paiva province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Graduated from the Professional Photographer career at the Leandro N. Alem School in 2000. Advanced student of Graphic Design in Visual Communication (FADU / UNL). Director, Audiovisual Director. (ISCAA). I work in different audiovisual productions as a cinematographer, screenwriter and director. Winner of the RAYMUNDO GLAYZER / INCAA National Film Project Contest. Winner of the National contest for the development of children’s film projects INFANCIAS, INCAA. Winner of the project development award from the Ministry of Innovation and Culture, Santa Fe.


I have been working in photography since I was twenty years old. From my beginnings the human figure was my object of observation. My work addresses the human body in all its meanings. I question her from inside and outside, from the perfect and imperfect, the mutilated, from the sustained gaze and avoids it. I believe that without him, the photographed subject, my photos would not exist. Without the focus stopped on him, without him stopping the focus, there would only be an empty, cloudy place, a “dull” background.