Art With Me

First-generation Cuban-American and Miami, FL native Aileen Quintana, also known as Haiiileen, is an interdisciplinary artist known for her neo-acid experimental works that span through several different mediums and facets. Her dedication to the local artistic community fuels her capacity to create and tear down the boundaries that have yet to be explored within her own mind. Her initial breakthrough as a self-taught makeup artist led her to build a highly successful career utilizing faces as her canvases.



What makes Haiiileen’s practice so intrinsically distinctive is her synesthesia, a rare sensory condition which transforms everything she hears into visual imagery. For her, it is essential to explore emotional language and self-evolution, driven by a never-ending curiosity. This has led her to study physics, she is able to grasp a full understanding of how sound, light, and color all interact with one another. Haiiileen then incorporates her findings into 3-dimensional mediums and installations, where she can bring her synesthetic visions to life and transport her viewers to transcendent, alternate worlds.

Haiiileen continuously exhibits her ability to create thought-provoking material that provides a deep expression and experimental approach to our environmental perceptions and conventional ideas of reality through her work.

Haiiileen is the lead visual artist for Tidal, a Google ambassador, and has worked on several commissions for III Points, Space Miami, SoHo Beach House, Delano Hotel, The City of Miami Beach, Art Basel, Frost Museum of Science, and more.

Along with her practice, she is also a consultant, director, producer, designer, filmmaker, performance artist, sculptor, and installation artist.