Legend has it that Hólmar was born during the dawn of winter solstice, way up in the highlands of Iceland, to one of it’s oldest and most secret “Hidden People” communes.

In recent years in addition to his work with “Thugfucker” he has started new collaborations. He co-founded “Lovestruckk” with Nico Stojan, “Theory of Light” with Brian Cid, “The Birds Fly South” with Maxxi Soundsystem and Beauty N the Beast with Philipp Jung.

In 2018 we saw his departure from “Thugfucker”, launching his solo career. In 2019 in addition to his acid tourist antics traveling all around the world and playing parties and festivals, he has released “The Mothership” E.P. on Get Physical and the “Disarmed” remix with Nico Stojan as Lovestruckk on Oüie Records.

Recently he also brought his dancing shoes back out of retirement and has staged new impromptu of dance performances of the “Black Widows” on and off stage during his shows, staying true to his choreography roots…