ITAI is a world traveler, saxophonist, DJ, and producer. With Saxophone as his main live instrument, ITAI infuses sounds from his world travels, background in jazz, and his childhood in the Middle East into his live hybrid set.

ITAI is also well known for his collaborations on stage and in studio with other leading artists such as Be Svenden, Goldcap, Kora, Amin K, MoM, Roderic, Alvaro Suarez, The Soul Brothers, Emmy nominee the Reggae artist Pato Banton, and many more. With the vision of creating an intimate setting to explore experiment and experience, ITAI started a series of gatherings simply called “ITAI & Friends”. These gatherings quickly became a space for some of the most incredible talents to express their art in a conscious and loving environment, and are now spreading worldwide. In 2019 ITAI released “Roderic feat ITAI Metamorphosis” on Lhndikn, which quickly climbed to the #3 spot on Beatport. Since then, he has also released on Trndmsk, Camel Riders, Talavera, Tierra Sounds, and has many more projects in the works.