04 IlyaSobol HeartHug Scottsdale AZ USA Canal Convergence Festival 2019
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Izobrulo Polylight

HeartHug is a celebration of the embrace, it is a visualisation of a hug between two or more people, broadcasted for all to see. When two or more spectators hug beneath the sculpture, the heart lights up with a full spectre (rainbow). If one or more people stands without a hug, only half of HeartHug shines with just one random colour of spectre.

Beyond interactive design, on a society level this is a real social experiment that questions problems and human stereotypes about privacy, social distance, physical boundaries and readiness of people to overcome that factors in a real life situation. On the city level this is transformation of the public city space in to place with strong soul of unity and love. During previous events our installation forced to hug more than 32.6K people.

01 IlyaSobol HeartHug Lodz Poland Light Move Festival2019