Jason Gronlund

Art With Me

Jason Gronlund (USA) is a multi-disciplinary artist concentrating in two and three dimensional fine art. He went to Michigan State University for photography and came out a sculptor. After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art he moved to the west coast to start the next phase of education in blacksmithing, steel fabrication, and large scale sculpture. 

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Oakland became his home for the next 12 years where an incredible amount of industrial resources and spaces were being utilized by artists who were able to build at a very large scale. In that environment began a career as a metal artist/ blacksmith for hire, while getting to be involved in massive steel sculpture builds happening at American Steel Studios, NIMBY, among other warehouse spaces in the bay area of California. In 2010 he became a founding member of the international collaborative art project known as Oaklajara, which put together artists from Oakland, California, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Ten years later he is living full time in Guadalajara working on printmaking as well as sculptural steel projects. His commissioned sculptural work has been shown many times at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, and two-dimensional work in galleries across the United States and Mexico.”