Be prepared to be softly pulled to the dancefloor for a building set, to occasionally remember that there is somebody actually singing live

Jo.Ke is one of electronic music’s distinct voices. The hymn “Who loves the Sun”(Bar25), Nu & Jo.Ke’s first and biggest hit yet, continues to make its way to listeners worldwide, from Burning Man sunrises to small psicotropic festivals like Vodoohop’s Heliodora. It’s creation was a beautiful messy accident, the result of true heartbreak, broken toes and a punch of timing and chance. Timeless “Fool” (White Label) followed suit in a similar fashion, before the pair with their collective Feathered Sun (feat. Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwalder, Acid Pauli, Iannis Ritter, Johannes Laumer, Mo & others) started recording and releasing a string of EP’s on Platon Records, Circus Company, Laut & Luise & Denature Records and touring widely around the globe in different live constellations. His collaborations & remixes outside of the collective with artists such as Nicola Cruz, Ninze & Wide Awake, Viken Arman, Canson, Nutia & others (look out for the new releases coming soon 😉 plus Feathered Sun’s approach to not overplay songs in their live-jam and to share music between each other quite freely, has given Jo.Ke a nicely assorted catalogue of music to construct his hybrid/live set from.