Karl Brent

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Karl Brent arrived in Miami in August 2018 and took the opportunity to educate himself further on climate change and what it means for the planet. He vowed to change his lifestyle to reduce his impact on the environment and educate others who had yet to realize that climate change is the single biggest challenge of our lifetime. Volunteering for organizations such as Debris Free Oceans, International Seakeepers Society, The CLEO Institute, and many others, inspired Karl to co-found his own company, Grove Carbon. He became a CLEO Climate Speaker and Climate Reality Project Leader in 2020 and continues to work with like-minded individuals and inspire others. He helped set up The Climate Reality Project Miami Fort Lauderdale Chapter and continues to look for opportunities within the community, regularly joining local groups like Send It 4 The Sea, MANG Gear, Watershed Action Lab, and Force Blue, for beach clean-ups, mangrove planting, oyster-line assembling and dive ops. He speaks about the importance of carbon offsetting on regional webinars and in advance of COP26, he committed to offsetting his carbon footprint back to 1990. Karl lives by his motto “refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rebalance” and continues to educate others on how they might also help restore balance to nature and live in harmony with the planet.


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