Kolodny uses words as medium. Born of the current zeitgeist, these are words to power you through your day, to remind you of what to do and who to be…..

Kolodny uses these words to build abstract works, both IRL and digitally, creating a multidimensional experience. Using the repetition of the words as a mantra to create a textured and visceral finished product. The underlying language, is often lost in the abstraction.

Kolodny’s mind never rests, and his struggle with ADHD. His thoughts often random, from ideas, to emotions, places, current events, music lyrics, cool shoes, thoughts, phrases, colors, foods, drugs, math, influence, tech, hospitality etc……

Each artwork is a lucky point in time, momentarily coalescing those thoughts, phrases and ideas around a single word. Centering each piece around that word, inviting the viewer to create meaning and context within it. Thus, creating a subjective and personal relationship to the work.

Kolodny’s ADHD (disability/ superpower) extends to his choice of media, constantly shifting, each creating a different aesthetic, all held together through a consistent underlying construct.