Ksenia is a visual artist living in Brooklyn, New York. With her installations and digital collages she is creating a new platform for discussing climate change & sustainability.

“Everything is Connected”

We live in the time of great change. We need to rethink our ways of living. By healing the Earth we’ll heal ourselves. There is no other way around! We need a strong Art movement to drive the change.

To create her Eco installations she uses recent internet articles about climate change. She combines collages of the article’s headlines, images of flowers, corals & female faces.

She incorporates projection mapping during her art installations. The message of these installations – We are one with nature! Choose Planet, We are not living on Earth, we are Earth, Manifest Love, It’s in my Nature to Love. We have to stop destroying our planet, because when we are destroying the planet we are destroying ourselves. Manifest love for the planet and yourself. In the end, Love is the answer! Love (heal) your Planet, your body and your soul!


ksenia salion scaled

Ksenia’s newest art concept is: If corals had eyes they would look very sad. Ksenia experiments with live digital painting on people. She projects images of fluorescent corals, colorful flowers and other videos of nature on model’s faces/bodies. Digital painting is the most sustainable kind of painting, there is no pigment or canvas being used. Light is being used as a paint medium and the model’s face/body is a canvas.

She projects Images of corals layered on the human face to create a surreal effect. In a way it looks that corals are part of the model’s face, and at the same time the coral looks like it has human eyes, and it looks directly at you, making an eye connection with you.



Ksenia projected her work and climate messages on Selina Hotel in NYC during Climate Week and she did Eco installation at Parties4Peace fundraising event. Most recently she showed her newest installation Dreams at Holo Center gallery in New York. Ksenia did live digital painting at Illuminations Light festival in NYC, in October, and she was part of Immersive NFT installation with The Mynt Lab in Brooklyn.