Laurie A. Guzda

Breathe With Me

Laurie A. Guzda is an American artist and performer. Improvisation is her religion, approaching life from a “Yes, and” point of view. Humor is nature’s healer. A conduit to expressing opposing thoughts, humor allows a comfortable space to expand, accept, reason… grow.

A professional actor/director/writer, Laurie’s comedic training began in the 1980s with Harvey Lembeck at Paramount Studios. She continued with Bill Hudnut at ABC-TV. Additional training came from the Actor’s Studio in LA and the Actor’s Center in London. Laurie’s teaching credits include: the SAG Conservatory, San Francisco; CastingWorks LA, Austin; Cornerloft Studios, NYC, Playschools, Black Rock City, NV; and Sacred Heart University, CT. – Graduate degree program.

Laurie is the Creative Director of LAGuzda, Creative Arts & Services. She is an avid photographer, artist and writer. Laurie’s contributions include: a mini-documentary series, In My Wildest Dreams; co-founder of Curtain Call Theatrical Performance and Education in Stamford, CT; curator of Palette of Sisterhood, an international female artist exhibit; The Community Tapestry Project, bringing art to rural communities; and recently, director of a short film selection, Tail of the Big Eddy, at The Big Eddy Film Festival at Bethel Woods, NY. Laurie’s art is currently on display at Narrow Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY.