Luna Jae

Breathe With Me

Luna Jae takes an active stand against expectation-based living. Her workshop offerings represent freedom, radical authenticity and creative expression. Whether she’s facilitating emotional release work, human connection practices or ecstatic dance, her ultimate intention is to be a reflection of your own Inner Child within you.

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Luna’s workshops include a combination of dance, guided movement, trauma release, somatic energy-work, kundalini activation and meditation. Her teachings activate the suppressed, stagnant energy that lies dormant within the subconscious mind, so that we may experience what it feels like to reclaim our emotional freedom.

The ultimate inner journey is to create harmony and awareness between your darkness and your light. Both polarities are life teachers and one cannot be whole without the other.

Get ready for a wild, magical, vulnerable and heart-opening rollercoaster ride inward. It is time that you bring yourself home and reclaim the beauty, truth and radiance of ALL that you are.


“To infinitely reflect your own light requires an intimate mastering of your dark.” -LJ