Navid Zahraie aka Navbox came to the U.S. from Iran in the 90s as a classically trained pianist with a deep passion for music.

That passion turned him onto electronic music and he picked up mixing records at the turn the of the century. In the early 2000’s he got his start DJing in DC before relocating to Boston. Soon after, he found himself playing Boston’s underground circuit and tangled up in house & techno.

Returning to the District in ’08, he found that the city was missing an underground dance music scene and he launched Stranger Than Paradise (STP), began curating events anywhere he could, lofts, warehouse, clubs, bars, and rooftops, inviting and learning from industry greats like Delano Smith, Onur Ozer, Vera, Jan Krueger, K.atou, Cassy, DJ Three, and many others.

Fast forward to 2021. Between Dj’ing and producing, he serves as curator and resident DJ for Flash, a unique venue purpose-built for house and techno. Meanwhile, he is able to deliver deep feelings that move the mind as well as the hips with his growing music collection. Navbox’s sets break down static conceptions of house music in ways that inspire beyond the confines of the night”