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Nida Safak

Born in Istanbul in 1980, Nida Şafak has dedicated her life to the exploration of the natural world through the transformative lens of her art. Nurturing passions for painting, nature, and animals from an early age, Nida found her calling in ceramics while studying at Marmara Academy of Fine Arts in 1999.

In the convergence of earth and form, she discovered a unique path to convey her deep-rooted reverence for the environment and its inhabitants. ​ Nida’s journey to becoming a globally recognized contemporary ceramic artist is punctuated by her distinctive creative language, which combines her love for painting with her mastery over ceramics.

Her artistic expression is deeply influenced by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, diverse cultures, and her personal experiences, culminating in works that echo with a raw and sincere resonance. ​ A significant part of Nida’s visual vocabulary is the horn motif, a symbol of authority and great power. Nida weaves this powerful symbolism into her art as an echo of strength and support, a rallying cry for our beleaguered planet. Her vivid color palette is inspired by the myriad hues found in nature, and her techniques often pay homage to traditional mosaic art and ceramic craftsmanship. ​

In 2015, Nida opened her workshop in Istanbul’s Galata district, marking a period of intense creativity and prolific output. She has contributed to the art scene not only through her ceramic and sculpture works but also through stage and decor designs employing diverse materials. ​ As her artistic journey evolved, Nida found herself increasingly drawn to larger, impactful projects and commissions. She has completed numerous collaborations and residencies, including with Anna Laudel Contemporary Istanbul and Bukalemun Art. Her works have found a place in private collections and esteemed institutions like the Istanbul Modern Arts Museum. ​

In 2022, she embarked on a personal journey of discovery to South America, where she continues to explore her artistic practice. Her recent focus has been on creating works under the “Stay Strong” manifesto, seeking to highlight our intrinsic connection to nature and the importance of its preservation. These pieces are intended as protective talismans, reminders of the duty we owe to our environment. ​ Nida’s artistry is not merely about creation; it is a fearless expression of her own spiritual growth, an uncensored discourse on respect for the environment, and a potent reminder of our responsibility towards our natural heritage.