Olivia Guethling

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Olivia Guethling is known for her unique capacity to embody the often separate roles of creative ideation & design and production & execution of those designs. She is driven to curate, produce, and create immersive environments that nurture and catalyze innovation, creativity, and enthusiastically inspired ideation.

Olivia’s primary medium is collaboration. She is committed to every person, every collaborator, and every team knowing themselves and one another as whole living systems, and this approach allows all within the ecosystem to create from and with integrity, care, and self-reflection.

This commitment has only grown as she has applied her MFA in Collaborative Design (Pacific Northwest College of Art) to her creative direction across industries of immersive experience.

“Collaboration should always relieve pressure, generate inspiration, and increase the effectiveness of the whole system. This is guaranteed when all within the system are understood and treated as the whole beings they are.”


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