Omlove Creations

OmLOve Creations is a visionary art project made by Anca and Andrei with the help of many lovely people around the world who love nature and collect beautiful pieces of the forest recycling the environment and creating wonderful ethereal landscapes for the eyes, mind and soul. Our project started a while ago by participating at trance festivals, cleaning the area of nature’s leftovers and putting it together in one piece. Loving the bond between, we started to combine sacred geometry patterns and ancient symbols from all over the world with the shapes of nature into a creation of love for all, either a mandala, an artificial pond,a magical fairyland in miniature or some mighty forest creatures protecting the area.

Our objective is to make your mind fly away and connect to yourself into our world, and out of it, flowing in the immersive patterns of nature and being open and receptive to it.

‘Into the forest i go to free my mind and find my soul’

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