Pam Butler

Breathe With Me

Pam is a mind body connection expert, a Certified Chopra Primordial Sound Meditation instructor, a certified Hot Fusion™ Flow yoga teacher, and Creative Insight Journey transformational coach.
A sought-after speaker and teacher, Pam has developed a variety of creative workshops and classes to help people forgive, redefine and live their lives with purpose and freedom. She also provides one-on-one coaching to individuals, groups, and businesses on health, wellness, meditation and movement.

Author of “Return to Life: Finding Your Way Back to Balance and Bliss in a Stressed-Out World” and the creator of the Bliss Toolbox Kit, simple daily techniques to celebrate your life and make every day better, through her personal fifteen-year battle with anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak, and even PTSD diagnosis, Pam teaches how these experiences can become stepping stones to break free, find healing, and thrive in life.



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