Nicolas Demuth, known by his stage name Parra for Cuva (born in 1991 in Göttingen) is a German electronic music producer and DJ.

Nicolas Demuth grew up in a small town close to Göttingen in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany. When he was 11 years old he learned to play the piano and became interested in pieces of the French composer Debussy. After his piano teacher changed, he started to be engaged with jazz improvisations, with a focus on the jazz piano. In 2009 Demuth started to print out midi piano notes with the help of a simple program, and then mixed his first piano pieces with hip hop elements. After his A-levels Demuth moved to Berlin to study audio design.

He first called himself “Natur-Klang” before he decided to choose the stage name “Parra for Cuva”. His stage name originates in various Spanish words and means between the world / for / Cuva