Paula Davis

Breathe With Me

After more than a decade of way too many expensive dinners and wine filled weekends in an attempt to fit into the corporate lawyer lifestyle, my soul was screaming at me.

I went searching….

My search started as a volunteer in a men’s homeless shelter in Sydney Australia’s red light district.

It was during this work that I began to really question things. How were these people living in such a horrible state in such a fortunate country?

It was through this question that I had a cold harsh realization, an epiphany….


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“all of the worlds problems begin in the home”

When I compared the time I had spent working on my own internal personal growth, to that of my law studies and the then hours working as in-house-counsel to Australia’s largest bank, I truly began to see how misaligned my (our) priorities were.

I hung up the long corporate law hours, the expensive spending sprees and the Friday night work benders masked as “networking”, and together with my husband, went in search of a life less ordinary, one that felt of meaning and purpose.


12 years on and I have never looked back.

We took the scenic route over many years and for the last 8 years have called Tulum, Mexico home.

I am now an eternally grateful and fully hands on mother of 5, and have spent the last 10 years collaborating with cutting edge wellness hotels, private groups, and individuals, both in Tulum and abroad, working in the areas of emotional wellness and evolution.

I have given talks throughout Europe, Australasia and the Americas.


My husband and I have created 3 restaurants, one of which is an intentional eating, medicinally focused, plant based restaurant, Apothecary, who’s recipes include ingredients of nootropics, amino acids, supplements, essential oils, gem waters and more.

Since walking away from law, and the “textbook” perfect life, I live every day in a way that nourishes me on all levels.

True abundance weaves through my every day, as I whole heartedly guide our 5 children in the ways of living the change.

Raising our next generation to understand living by their souls callings and a deep internal desires. And not by outward pressure.”