Rafael Chaman, Founder of The Dao of Yoga & Creator of Naga Tulum is an artful creator, passionate explorer of the inner and outer realms of existence, a lover of nature and adventure, a Guardian of the Sacred, and a practitioner of the universal wisdom that leads to expansion of consciousness.


Rafael Chaman

In this never ending process of exploration & growth, Rafael has immersed in the learning and practice of many systems and methods of Yoga & Qigong. His love and devotion to the natural world has lead him to walk the Red Road as a fire keeper, a ceremonialist and a devoted student of the elements, where he has found a way to the spirit realm.

To find practical tools and solutions to harmonize the relationship within the Kingdoms of the Earth, he has dived deep into Permaculture studies. Rafael has traveled the world extensively as a student and as an inspirational teacher.

His classes are heart oriented, spiritually inspiring and grounded in a deep knowledge of inner and outer alignment.