In the realm of music, RICOLOOP has a place of his own. He is profoundly inhabited by a desire to catch the invisible, to plant a flower to the moon.

His techniques involve looping, guitar and bass playing, harmonica, piano and melodica, singing and beatboxing and uses his computer to trigger all sorts of sound libraries to draw landscapes of improvisation.

After years of experimenting his very unique technique of making music, he has finally sifted through his improvised live recordings to carve out a conceptual album from his most precious gems. Delicacy, spaciousness, experimental, transparent, honest are words that come to mind after a first listen.

Marcus Gorstein’s input as producer has been quintessential in bringing out the structured beauty of the boundless creativity pouring out of RICOLOOP. The music is open, inviting, full of harmonies, polyrhythms but more than anything, inspiring.

It is visually stimulating, mind challenging, musically different and it asks to be played over again…

…a giant LOOP