Rony Seikaly

Dance With Me

As a genuinely dedicated lover of dance music, witnessing the evolution from disco to house through to today’s diverse array of styles and sounds, Rony Seikaly draws upon a deep well of knowledge and experience. 

Music is an essential component of his life, a channel through which he expresses his true nature; it provides a sanctuary, a liberating outlet – and there’s nowhere he’s happier than the club he’s built in his own home.


Rony’s commitment to making and playing dance music is unwavering; he helms a successful label (STRIDE), creates at a prolific rate, and makes regular appearances at some of the world’s most influential clubs. His fearless and authentic approach to production transcends genre limitations, fusing influences from various styles with a strong emphasis on feeling and instinctive emotion above rigid categorization.

Poised to release his debut LP Moonwalk, Rony has an assured outlook as he prepares to invite us on a trip beyond the stars to his audio utopia… A decorated and successful sportsman, basketball and music have been two critical pillars of Rony’s life since he was very young. Based in Miami, he has been deeply involved with dance music for most of his life, channeling his energy into the culture ever since he was a youngster in Lebanon.

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